Tx2nx module has 6 CPUs. Why can I only run 4 CPUs?

we have some TX2NX modules. We test TX2NX module under MAXN working mode, it shows only 4 CPUs working as blew:

hello 1141711961,

there’re four A57 and two Denver cores.
please check Supported Modes and Power Efficiency, you may toggle to MaxN to enable all 6 CPUs.

Note that if you see β€œisolcpus=1-2” in β€œcat /proc/cmdline”, then it is just reserving those CPUs for your use and not scheduling them for general use. Remove β€œisolcpus=1-2” from the command line (perhaps it is just an edit of the β€œAPPEND” key/value pair in β€œ/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”, or else appending β€œisolcpus=” without the β€œ1-2” at the end of the β€œAPPEND” key/value pair).

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Thanks for your reply, and I will try it and let you know the result.

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