Loading all 6 TX2 NX CPU cores

I’m trying to run a stress test on the TX2 NX, however I cannot load all cores.

I’m used sudo nvpmodel -m 0 to enable all cores, however when using “stress” or even sysbench, I only see 2 cores loaded on the CPU (I checked using tegrastats, and cores 1 and 2 show 0%).

Is there perhaps a program that can load all 6 cores, or is there an issue with my TX2 NX?

Beware that the default kernel command line contains specification “isolcpus=1-2”. CPU0 is the first CPU, the Denver cores are CPUs 1 and 2. Take a look at the output of this:
cat /proc/cmdline

You might find these of use:

I’d like to emphasize that in kernel command line parameters, that in most cases if a parameter is repeated, then the final parameter is the “authoritative” parameter. So if something enables “isolcpus” in command line, but then later “isolcpus” is specified to not isolate CPUs, this latter will be what occurs. It isn’t necessary to remove this parameter everywhere so long as something disables it in the end.

Or you can use “taskset” (affinity) to use the cores.

Hi @linuxdev
This has solved my issue thank you! I simply edited the /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf to remove the argument passed to “isolcpus=”

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