Xavier nx devkit tx2 nx: at MAXQ model, just can see 4 cpu is running with six cpu

1: software version: JetPack4.5.1 + custom board

  • when set nvpmodel m1 at MAXQ model;
  • with htop, we can see six cpus are running,
  • but with jtop or tegrastats, there are four cpus are running, another status are off.

so, how many cpus are running now? how many status nvpmodel have ? Does have some detail documents abouut nvpmodel for TX2 NX ?

Please check the l4t developer guide with power management section.

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If you run this command:
cat /proc/cpuinfo

…then do you see “isolcpus=1-2”? The Denver cores would not normally be scheduled if this is running, except when you use taskset to place an application on those cores. See:

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First, On behalf of my hairy baby thanks for your love.
Then, thank you for your reply, which has solved my problem .
1: CPU 1 -2 is isolcpus, so there are two cpu are free when i do CPU stress test .
2: CPU 1-2 can be scheduled by following command;

  • sudo taskset -c 1 ./test_TestCpuInterface
  • sudo taskset -c 2 ./test_TestCpuInterface


If this is a TX2 NX issue. Please file it on TX2 forum next time. TX2 NX and NX are using different SoC.

Could you please send me a link about tx2 nx forum ? I can’t find it in all forum websiet.


There is no TX2 NX forum. Only TX2 forum. Please send TX2 NX topic to TX2 fourm.

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I get it, thank you very much.

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