Jetson Xavier NX CPU frequency drops a lot under high temperature

Hi, I’m testing my program on Jetson Xavier NX which will increase both CPU usage and GPU usage up to 99%. This also leads to temperature increase. While the temp reaches 91C, CPU frequency drops, sometimes from 1.4GHz to 1.1GHz, and sometimes even down to 900MHz or 700Mhz.

Is there a way to control the CPU frequency so that even the temp is high, it can still work at a high CPU frequency? Or a way to control the threshold of the temp for lowering CPU frequency? For example, currently CPU frequency always drops at 91C, can I change something and let it drop at 95C instead of 91C?

Also, if it stays at a high temp (say 91C) for a long time, will there be some problems which may affect work performance?

The NX module operating temperature Range is (TJ)*: -25°C – 90°C
Thus the CPU freq will drop to protect the chip to avoid the damage by heat.
For your own carrier board, you should can the better thermal design to let device to work on high performanc with lower temperature , see Jetson Xavier NX Thermal Design Guide

Thanks for your reply!

Can I set the temp threshold myself and let CPU frequency drop at a target temperature? For example, can I manually set the operating temp range as -25℃ - 80℃, so that when the temp reaches 80℃, CPU frequency will drop

And another question, if the power model is set to be 20W 6CORE, what is the actual power range? Something like 18W - 22W?

The actual problem that I met is my devices sometimes shutdown unexpectedly, I want to know the real reason for their shutting down so that I can do some changes on them to let them work outside of the town for a long time. High temperature could be the reason, maybe the current is also a possible reason?

You can check the thermal and power management document first and see if your device got shutdown due to thermal or not.

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