About the NX Work scena,unattended

Our product most work scena is 24-hours environment。
To ensure the stability of the device:
1、the nx itself have a Mechanism of abnormal situation,such as described on the NX datasheet:[If the module needs to request a shutdown event in the case of thermal,software,or under-voltage events,it will assert SHUTDOWN_REQ*]。
1.1、about the thermel,After the experiment,when above 94.5℃,NX assert SHUTDOWN_REQ* to LOW level.then shutdown。when high temperature disappear,It can only be restarted manually,Unable to restart automatically。
1.2、about the software.
a、When the Ubuntu does not work,the NX can be restarat automatically ?
b、the Instability caused by application software,system does not work,the NX can be restarat automatically ?

1、our target is,the NX can restart automatically。please tell us if has a good methord to realize it。
2、we find a information “FUSE_RESERVED_SW[23:0] bit[5] enable watchdog”,this is How to work。


Hello, I believe you may have posted this on the wrong channel.


Please confirm that this is for the Jetson Xavier NX, and I will move this topic to the proper category.

You are right,this is the Jetson Xavier NX.
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please check developer guide for the Thermal Specifications.
it’s trigger hardware throttling, if thermal solution did not works, it makes software and hardware throttling unable to control heat generation in the system, and the software becomes unresponsive, the SoC asserts the reset pin on the PMIC as the hardware shutdown mechanism.

Besides the temprature element. other factor ,For example ,the system run abnormal or no unresponsive or Software driver run wrong.
this situation the NX can be reset ?
if can be rest ,is it Software mechanism or Hardware mechanism ?

hello qitb,

it’s software feature, Watchdog you’re looking for.
here’s documentation for your reference, How To Enable PMIC-WDT.
usually, there’s kernel messages pop-up before WDT trigger to shutdown the board.

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