Jetson Xavier power failure and automatic shutdown

Hi , My Jetson Xavier Nx automatically shutdown after 3 days to be exect and I can’t figure out why it does so.
Moreover how can I diagnose the reason for the power failure , I have to deploy it in large scale in industry but an reluctant to do so due to this issue.
I understand the fact that dev kit is not meant for industrial use , but I should know why this issue is occurring in the first place.

Mostly I’d say start a serial console with logging, and see what the log says after the reboot. In addition though, what do you see from “cat /sys/kernel/pmc/tegra_reset_reason”? The value in that should change depending on what the reboot reason was.

It’s says command not found.
Do I have to install something?

Anybody having with the same problem?

Which command not found? “cat” is present on all systems. If you type “which cat”, does it reply with a location, e.g., “/bin/cat”? If for some reason your login account does not search “/bin” (and I can’t think of any case where it wouldn’t be set up for this), then you could use the full path:
/bin/cat /sys/kernel/pmc/tegra_reset_reason

I think I didn’t lay down the complete picture after all , I will check the status.
But just to let you know my nx in 30 watt mode (MAX ) and it has a HDMI screen , wireless mouse and keyboard , a arduino(MKR) and a DSLR camera connected as peripherals.
The system is running opencv gpu (yolov4)but it only has to process when the DSLR camera takes a picture which is atleast 10 sec apart minimum.
The temperatures of all gpu and cpu cores are less than 40 C’.

A very similar issue has been reported earlier with batteries ,but I am only using AC power with the official power adapter provided by Nvidia.

It sounds like all basics are correct, but after such a reboot, it would still be useful to know the output of “cat /sys/kernel/pmc/tegra_reset_reason”.

Btw, is the camera self-powered, or does it draw power from the Jetson? Some transient high current use (millisecond or shorter time span) could conceivably still cause a reboot.

The camera is powered up seperately , the usb connection bis only to send and receive data(mostly receiving data).
I do have a arduino MKR board and wireless mouse and keyboard connected to it tough.
Maybe it’s the arduino then.

I would not expect any of those other devices to draw enough power to be an issue. I can’t guarantee it, but it seems peripherals are unrelated to the issue.

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