Jetson nx reboot unexpectedly

One of our customers is using Jetson Xavier NX and L4T version 32.5.1(JetPack 4.5.1) on custom carrier board.

They face below reboot issue, any suggestion on this?
Up until recently it has been performing reliably with no issues.
Over the past few days it has begun to reboot by itself on occasion. This has gradually worsened until they are now unable to log on to the Jetson for more than 1 minute before it shuts down. It will not respond after this until the power supply is power cycled. The other 2-3 units they are using regularly have not had this issue.

Some details:

  • the unit is located on a remote site that currently they have no access to, but they are able to power cycle the power supply to the Jetson.
  • They are using just straight Linux for Tegra BSP. All of the units were working reliably in this configuration up until this point. The reason for this is because they require up-to-date numpy / astropy python packages.
  • They are unable to re-flash the device remotely and will not be able to in the near future due to current corona virus restrictions that prevent our travel to site.
  • they have not changed anything to do with the OS before these issues started occurring.
  • other 2-3 of operational units have been installed and are used identically.

I’ve attached a dmesg log of a boot sequence incase this flags any issues.J5_boot.txt (68.7 KB)

You should ask your customer to monitor the uart log and check what is printed when error happened.

If they cannot check the UART log, please see if they can check below node after the reboot happens. It may record why the system gets crashed.


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