Jetson Xavier NX boot stress test problem

Dear All,

I use the Xavier NX devkit and 16GB module do reboot stress testing. During testing, I encountered four booting failures.
The first time happens after reboot 400 times.
The second time happens after reboot 150 times.
The third time happens after 200 times.
The fourth time happens after 50 times.
Reboot failures seem inevitable happen. After reboot failures, I need to reconnect the power and then I can reboot it successfully. I want to ask is my failure probability normal? I have to make sure my product is reliable during use. Is there any way I can avoid reboot failures. Thanks!

The reboot fail capture screen:

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Any applicatiom ran on device for the boot stresst test?
Or just the pure JetPack SW?

Thanks kayccc.
No application install in the system. Just a new pure L4T 32.7.1 with sample root file.

Devkit or custom board?

Any full log to share? Full log means the kernel log is also enabled.

I used devkit board and devkit module, 4core 10W mode. But when I try 6core 15W mode . This reboot failure will not happen again.
I only have this log file. Is it enough? The devkit are not here now. Recollect new full log will speed some times.
20220516.log (10.7 MB)

Sorry that this is not enough. It is obvious that your kernel log is not fully enabled.

OK I will collect full log again. Update it later.

Also, please clarify whether “16GB module” is related to this or you can hit this issue with every kind of jetson NX module.

Yes, We have devkit board, devkit module, 8G emmc module, 16GB emmc module and custom board. We try many combination of module and board under 4core 10W mode. Reboot failure is inevitable.

You mean every kind of NX module can hit this issue? BTW, we don’t have 8G emmc. It should be DRAM.

Sorry , typing mistake. I mean DRAM. I try every kinds of NX module.

Is it booting from emmc or nvme? It seems there is a nvme thread inside of the log.

Boot from nvme ssd.

Please also try emmc case if possible. I suspect only nvme case would hit this.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I will try boot from emmc and collect full log. Update result later.

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