Jetson nx Frequent restart

jetson nx emmc with Industrial grade ssd


When I run video analysis under the ambient temperature of 55 ℃, I restart frequently,What could be the reason
kern.log (8.7 MB)
syslog (11.9 MB)

Please use the uart console to check if anything gets printed when error happened.

Also, please do not attach a log without pointing out any time stamp information. We do not want to check your whole week log.

OK thank you
Let me record the serial port log

There is no print information at the debug port, only restart information. Do I need to configure anything

I am not quite sure how familiar you are with debug such issue. So let me clarify something

  1. Are you talking about that you just open the device with uart and wait until the error happened and the you only saw the reboot message?

  2. If (1) is true, then this message is also helpful, it means the reboot is triggered by some software. Check if any application is triggering it. For example, if I put the device in idle, does it mean it won’t reboot anymore?

  3. If you don’t have experience about whether the reboot is due to some kernel crash or not, please share the uart log.

我不清楚你對於debug這種類型的問題有多少經驗 所以在這邊先解釋一下

  1. 請問你是指, 你現在把uart log打開並且監控, 錯誤發生,機器又重開,但是你在uart那邊只有看到reboot的訊息 而且沒有其他error log?

  2. 如果(1)就是你所說的話, 那代表這個重起的問題還是從軟體去引起的, 麻煩你確認一下是不是有哪些會引起這個問題的程式在執行, 比方說如果我機器開著放著不動 是不是就不會發生這種問題?

  3. 如果你不清楚 (1)到底是kernel crash或是其他原因重起的話, 請把你的uart log貼上來

How should I set up the serial port?
Yes, just open the debugging port and log in. There is only restart information, but there is no other information

Now the problem has been found. It’s the problem of the on-board power chip. I just asked the debugging serial port to see how to configure the abnormal information. I remember that I could see it after configuring it


If you do not quite understand what is the exact debug check we want you to try, let me share my comment again in both English and Mandarin.

Please follow the uart console setup from this website.

Open this terminal and start your test. If the system reboots, then the console will print the last few lines before the restart. That is what we want to check.

Basically, “no log” gets print is also kind of information. If there is no log, it probably means this is not triggered by software.

照上面的連結的設置, 基本上debug這種問題就是把uart console打開 擺著不要關, 等到有reboot的問題發生之後就去看reboot 前面一陣子有沒有印一些log.

基本上沒有印任何log就重開也算是一種有用的資訊… 代表說這次reboot不是軟體影響的.

Hello, I can’t open this link

A typo there. FIxed.

非常感谢,我解决了我的问题,重启是由于电源导致的,不打印信息执行这个命令“dmesg −−follow”就行了,再次感谢

Thank you very much. I solved my problem. The restart is caused by the power supply. Just execute this command “dmesg −−follow”without printing information. Thank you again


Just remind you that, in most of time, dmesg cannot debug such issue. Because the sudden reboot will not give you chance to enter “dmesg”.

提醒你一下, dmesg在大部份 "忽然reboot"的問題是通常是沒有用的. 因為忽然reboot的問題有時是沒時間給你去輸入dmesg的… 或是系統直接當了 只有kernel crash有機會被抓到

OK Thank you

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