Why does it restart and crash automatically? How can I locate his error

I don’t know. You can try to check the uart log on your board and see what it gets printed when error happened.

Also, stop using a video to describe the error. It is not clear to show error at all. No one is able to locate the error in such way.

3.txt (5.9 KB)

  1. This is not uart log. This is just syslog. Learn to dump the correct log first.
  1. Learn to speak English please.

20211129112842_COM16.txt (30.0 KB)

So your last boot up status was pcie and then it just reboot? Do you really dump a log when error happened?

[ 2.741606] tegra-pcie-dw 14100000.pcie: pex_wake already in use^M
[ 2.979820] tegra-pcie-dw 14120000.pcie: pex_wake already in use^M
[0000.085] W> RATCHET: MB1 bi

These two lines are the beginning

These two lines are from pcie driver. Which is located in the linux kernel.

And kernel just started for 2 sec and then it reboot. It means even the desktop is not showing up.

This does not match what you are doing in your first video where the desktop is already on.

Please tell me if you are able to understand what I am talking about first.

What I want to tell you is that the first two lines of UART serial port log are omitted. They were not cleared last time. The third line starts with the log of this device

So you didn’t capture the error log when error happened, right?

The error hasn’t happened yet. I changed a carrier board and it hasn’t reappeared yet. I want to confirm whether there is a problem with the hardware of the previous carrier board

I want to confirm whether there is a problem with the hardware of the previous carrier board

It is not possible to know that with just these logs.
Share the log when the error happened.

20211129112842_COM19.txt (393 Bytes)

Do you have full log prior to these few lines? It is a little silly that you just shared me this log.

If you have some sense, you would know that such log didn’t help at all. It only tells the system is shutting down. Moreover, it is more like it is reboot/shutdown by you manually but not crashed by something else.

I know, but without any hype, he’s like this

Please put same module to the devkit and see if you can still reproduce it.

20211217091149_COM79.txt (34.7 KB)

Excuse me, this AgX Xavier, restart and reappear

If this is some new issue, file a new topic and describe your problem clearly.

Please do not just throw out few comments that do not indicate anything.

Hello, it’s not a new problem or the problem that your device has been restarted. I didn’t solve it last time. I used the serial port to monitor the new log. I hope it can be solved with your support