Reboot and eth0 problem:

i works on jetson xavier nx with jetpack5.0.2 and deepstream6.1.
i met an reboot issue many times, after reboot command box can not enter systems because lost ethernet0 sometimes, or router restart it will be same issue sometimes.
then have to plug out power cable and try again.
could you give an advice for the problem or do you have an patch for that? i found many people met samilar issue in forums… i am sure that’s an ethernet problem and i used static IP.

thank you very much!

i set also never sleep at ubuntu20.04.

thank you

Few things to check

  1. What is the “ethtool -S eth0” output when error happened? We want to check the error counter value.
  2. Please try to disable EEE function of ethernet. ethtool --set-eee eth0 eee off. And see if it enhances
  3. Is the eth0 still able to ping other device when error happened?

for 1&3 i can do nothing when that happenned because i can not enter system at all after reboot,
for 2, i have set that as your kindly advice already, and i test more times at this weekend for the problem again then let you know results.

thank you very much!

Get a serial console boot log. If there is a “quiet” in your extlinux.conf, then remove that (it sounds like you can boot correctly at least part of the time; get the log for a failure case).

please dump the log as linuxdev’s suggestion here. We cannot tell what goes wrong by just the behavior/symptom in your comment.

Also, is this NV devkit or a custom board?

ok i will try to get log for you analysis, and the problem bothered me for a long time.
i did ethtool --set as your advice and tried again by reboot command, it happens still and frequency is in 4-5 times.
correct issue is:
1\reboot or sudo reboot,
2\when happens error it is black screen, some times no green light, and some times with green light, it seems box power shut down or standby.
3\then i have to power off and power on again to restart, sometimes i have to plug out power cable from box and plug in again then restart.
4\i have 3 boxes of NX in hand for code works now, but all 3 boxes are same issue.

anyway i will catch logs for your help, i should get a serial port tools firstly, and could you advice a document for how to get log from serial?

thank you very much!

this is dmesg log that i failed and restart again, not sure if it is useful for you.

thank you very much!
dmesg (97.3 KB)
dmesg.0 (95.5 KB)

my NX devkit and not custom board,
i got them from JD for software works one year more and testing in a project to control IP camera and some sensors now.


Is this issue ever happened to your board if you use nv devkit + jp4.x?

i used NV devkit + jetpack5.0.2

and it never happened before i used jetpack4.6.1 when i used before with ubuntu18.04 version.


Sorry that I am not sure about your error. Your dmesg does not provide error log either.

What is the exact behavior? You can also describe it in Chinese if that could be more clear.

1、reboot or sudo reboot;



Xavier NX has some known boot issue in jp5.0.2 that has not fixed yet. Is it possible to keep in jp4.6.1 for now?



i would like to ask again about above reboot problem for jetson nx, is it solved or not right now?
i use jetpack 4.6.1 untill now but i do want to update to deepstream6.2, is it ok?

thank you very much!


Actually, we didn’t know what is the exact issue you asked before. But some issues are indeed fixed on rel-35.2. Thus, you can try to upgrade to it.

before problem is that jetson nx will be died after few times reboot continuously.


厄… 我想這邊有個事情/邏輯可以澄清一下. 一台機器忽然重開機可以有很多原因. 各種driver的panic都有可能造成reboot.
我回去看了一下你給過的log file. 它們都跟我們目前已知跟已經解掉的NX known issue沒有關聯.
所以你一直問說 " 這個問題解掉了沒 這個問題解掉了沒", 老實說我只能跟你說, 我們不知道/無法保證.

如果你想要確認問題, 麻煩用UART serial console抓log. 因為dmesg可能沒有抓到reboot panic的主因.

I would like to clarify this issue again. Actually a board could reboot by various reasons and every panic from each driver could lead to reboot.

After checking your dmesg, I notice your issue seems not a known and fixed issue on NX. Thus, I actually cannot answer your question because we don’t know the panic cause that leads to reboot.

Please use serial console to check the reboot log instead of using dmesg.