torch@Xavier NX

I tried to install torch 1.3 for JetPack 4.4 according to:

However, trying to use torch will ultimately lead to a segmentation fault. A complete system reinstall didn’t solve the problem either.

EDIT: same problem after complete system reinstall and installation of the wheel for torch 1.4

Have you tried the pytorch in the following link?
There is prebuilt pytorch for JP4.4 DP

I might miss something. But if I look under PyTorch on the page you linked the links to the pip wheels seem to be the same as the one from the link I posted, i.e. that this to be the same installation procedure that I followed.

But you gave me an idea. Controlled that all other packages needed by torch were installed correctly.
Re-installation of libopenblas-base solved the problem.

you may also like to try torch l4t ngc container