Tracking rubberbanding after a while of no issues

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue, or if it’s a known problem? After an amount of time (variable, but less than an hour) of perfect tracking suddenly the headset and controllers will start rubberbanding - in other words if you quickly move your hand to the left it’ll go further than expected and then pull back to the correct location. As far as I can tell the video feed is absolutely fine though.

My immediate thought is it’s an issue with the latency compensation being a little too eager. A quick restart of the client will put it back to normal and no more issues occur for at least another 20-30 minutes.

Server is an i7 8700k, GTX 1080 Ti, 32gb RAM, connected over a gigabit wired connection to the LAN
Client is an Oculus Quest 1 over a WLAN connection showing 800Mbps+ available throughput in the Unifi Controller
WAP is a Unifi AC-Pro

I’m aiming to get some logs up ASAP but wanted to get an initial post done, as I need to recreate the issue and it’s a rather inconsistent problem.

Hi Ben

Thanks for the report! Is this on the 2.0 release of CloudXR? Are there any specific games you notice it happening, or is it in every game?


Latest release as of yesterday (6th Feb), I was playing Blaston, but I’ll test a few different games when I (hopefully) recreate the issue on Monday.

Hey Will, here’s the logs attached. It started at around 12.47-48 (lost a round of Blaston because of it too!)

Streamer Client Log 2021-02-10 12.40.53.txt (282.9 KB) Streamer Server Log 2021-02-10 12.40.47.txt (214.8 KB) Event Trace 2021-02-10 12.40.53.json (1.0 MB)

I’m currently testing out a similar setup as you, except I’m using virtual desktop to stream my RTX 3080 to my Quest 2 HMD. I’m anxiously await the chance to get more involved with the Nvidia CloudXR solution.
At least for my hardware, I have seen what you describe when the inside out tracking becomes “disoriented”. Also the Virtual Desktop application on Quest 2 is unable to use ASW/ATW as far as I know. These are the current limitations I’m dealing with. I’m trying to perform more tests in the near future and intend to be more active with those results in this forum.

Just an update, this is being looked into.

If you happen to get a screen capture of this happening, it would be quite helpful.


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Here we go, a long awaited video: CloudXR Rubberbanding Issue - YouTube

It’s kind of hard to spot there as it’s recorded at 30fps… but you can see frames where the controller flicks further ahead than it’s meant to and then pings back.

Of note: simply taking the HMD off and putting it back on will also fix it as it recreates the connection.

It seems to be much more apparent on the headset than it is on the PC, unfortunately.