Traffic Control in Ubuntu doesn't work

when I type “sudo tc qdisc add dev wlan0 root netem delay 200ms” and press the enter button,
It said “RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory.” I have tried “apt-get update”.

You picture says “File exists” instead of “No such file or directory”.
Are you sure you paste the correct command?

IMO, the issue here is due to lacking of “CONFIG_NET_SCH_NETEM” in tegra_defconfig.

Add delay in traffic control needs the module “sch_netem” but by default we didn’t install it in kernel.

How can this be enabled? Is there a guide how to rebuild the kernel with sch_netem?

Hi bobsaccamano,

Please open a new topic for this issue. Thanks

Not OP but I have the same question and opened a topic for the issue here: Followup to TC/Enabling sch_netem