Netem on jetson

I was wondering about how to add latency to a network that the jetson is currently using.

I found that the command “tc qdisc” with the extension netem can create a delay,
and this command suppose to work nativly on Ubuntu.

When I tried to run it on the jetson it didn’t recognise the command and it seams that there are some files regarding the netem model that are missing,
Is there a way to run this command on the jetson?
or is there any other tools to limit the traffic that can run on the jetson?


I’m not familiar with the command, but sometimes such abilities are dependent upon architecture and/or hardware, so I don’t know if maybe this is not supported by either hardware or driver. On the other hand, if you have a file related to this on a PC which works for you, then you could perhaps find out if the file is generated versus part of a package. If you see some files on the PC, then see what package owns them:
dpkg -S /some/file/to/test

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