Trouble with cuML C++ integration

Hi, I am having trouble using the libcuml++ library from the Rapids cuML project.

The branch “branch-23.04” (GitHub - rapidsai/cuml at branch-23.04) is the most recent one that compiles on my machine with the following settings:
“make” can then successfully create the library file.

However, when trying to use this library, either in my own code or the example projects (, the linker complains about the following undefined references: undefined reference to ‘sgeqrf_’ undefined reference to ‘sgesvd_’ undefined reference to ‘dsyev_’ undefined reference to ‘dgesvd_’ undefined reference to ‘sorgqr_’

As far as I can tell, these functions should be part of the lapack distribution, to which I also tried to link (no luck).
I’m linking against “cusparse cusolver lapack_static cublas cublasLt”.

I also tried the official install path of cuML using pip. Using the resulting has the same undefined reference problems described above.

Does anyone have an idea on what is missing in my setup, so I can use libcuml++?
Thanks in advance, and let me know if I can provide more information about the problem.

yes, they are part of (ordinary CPU/host) lapack. I don’t know anything about your host machine setup, but if you are expecting to find those in:

that would be strange to me. CUDA doesn’t provide any ordinary CPU/host lapack libraries, and in an typical CUDA install, there is no liblapack_static.a in that directory.

You have to provide your own lapack libraries. Likewise your -DBLAS_LIBRARIES is not set correctly from what I can see. That is wanting a host/CPU BLAS library.

Such libraries generally have open source alternatives, like OpenBLAS, and also other alternatives such as via Intel MKL.

I don’t think you’ll find a lot of Rapids experts here. If you go to the rapids landing pages, they suggest slack, SO, and twitter communication handles to reach the community.

Thanks, that already helps a lot!
If I can’t figure out a solution using ordinary lapack and blas, I will reach out to some Rapids expert as suggested.
Thanks again!

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