Troubleshooting and I2S in Driver Package Development Guide

I am a new developer and haven’t had much experience with dev boards, any help is appreciated.

I am having Troubleshooting both issue 1: No Sound Cards Found and Issue 2: Sound Not Audible

Issue 1:
Following the trouble shooting steps I get the following from [dmesg | grep ASoC] command.
[ 6.276363] tegra210-ape-admaif tegra210-admaif: ASoC: Failed to create codec debugfs directory
[ 6.277859] tegra210-adsp adsp_audio.3: ASoC: Failed to create platform debugfs directory
then the output similar to the drivers documentation

When checking the Codec driver instantiation via Device Tree
The directory for the following doesn’t exist

Is this an error from flashing the OS? Looking at it after installation it said everything was successful.

However in Issue 2:

I’ve confirmed multiple time that the DAPM path is completed.
Yet the files to confirm the pinmux setting for I2S master/slave mode don’t exist as a file/directory

same with the arch/arm64/boot/dts/tegra210-common.dtsi

Also, trying to form an internal DAPM path connecting I2S with the same I2S instance using the command:
amixer -c 0 sset ‘I2S Mux’ ‘I2S’
results in:
amixer: unable to find simple control ‘ADX1 MUX’, 0

any help or clues would be great. I haven’t been able to find a lot of documentation other than the drivers package development guide. I have also looked at ALSA project website and some of the forums but haven’t been able to find a solution

Hi NewDev29,

There is no audio codec mounted on devkit, you will need to find one for developing.
And, please refer to [Tegra ASoC Driver]