Trusted Application in Python

Hi all, do you know if is it possible to build a trusted application by using python 3 on Orin NX?
I saw only C examples.

as you can see, there’re only C samples. Trusted Applications — OP-TEE documentation documentation
may I know what’s real use-case by using Python3?

I’m working with an application that is using pytorch, and I need to use the encryption keys stored in the TEE to encrypt and decrypt the data/weights for my model that should be used directly in the GPU. If you have any idea, please let me know.


Could you share the C sample you mentioned so we can know more about your use case?

You can find the example in these folders:

TA, trusty/app/sample/hwkey-agent/README
CA, trusty/app/sample/hwkey-agent/CA_sample/README


There is only C implementation available.

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