Turn USB Device Power ON/OFF [EMMC]

I have a USB device connected to the Jetson [eMMC Production module] that needs to be power cycled (programmatically) via software application running on the Nano. How can I cycle USB power on device connected to Jetson eMMC?

I checked L4T Jetson/r32.3.x patch - eLinux.org [Jetson Nano]Power control, and tried using the “realtek_hub_power_cycle.c” to cycle USB power. However, this did not work (I believe this script is for Jetson Nano Dev Kit only).

I also tried using “uhubctl” to cycle USB power but the documentation states this is only compatible with Jetson development board (B01 version).

Any help would be appreciated.

Is this issue on your custom board?
If so, then do you have regulator/gpio to control the vbus on your board design?

@WayneWWW , Yes this is on a custom board (Auvidea JN30B). The carrier board contains Jetson Nano Production Module (eMMC ) version. I will reach out to Auvidea and get the regulator/GPIO # that controls the vbus. Once I get this information, I will come back here with the info.

Thank you.

Unfortunately still no update from Auvidea regarding regulator/GPIO control for vbus. Auvidea’s customer support has been very poor lately. No response…

@WayneWWW I received the following update from Auvidea: You can control the 5V via USB3-EN. On the Nano it is controlled by GPIO_03 (Pin 126) which is Nano GPIO66 (0: USB on)

There are still things I need to know from Auvidea.

Does Auvidea write this gpio as a regulator in their device tree? If so, then you can search the device tree for the regulator name. Use similar command as below post to control this regulator.

Hi @WayneWWW ,
Thanks for your help. I was able to create a script that cycles USB power on the Auvidea unit.

I attached the script incase it will help others.


cycle_usb_power.sh (445 Bytes)

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