USB Port Power Cycle issue with USB Camera on Jetson Nano


We are using a USB camera on the Jetson Nano Customized Carrier board with BSP based on L4T 32.3.1 that occasionally seems to crash and we have to power cycle to bring back up. We have been using a GPIO controlled switched 5V power supply to do this, however it would be beneficial to remove this from the system and save space and power draw of the additional supply.

I came across this post on the Jetson forums about modifying the device tree to do this: USB Power Control

I’m sure this was done on a development board though however.

So I did some looking around and it looks like you have switches on the individual USB ports, but I’m not sure how they are controlled yet. Also I used dtc to look at the device tree structure a little and it seems that regulator@8, regulator@9, and regulator@10 are the power control on the USB’s… but I’m not sure which is which. I’m a device tree newbie unfortunately.

I would like to confirm that I could modify the device tree so that a GPIO would switch power on/off to a USB port on Jetson Nano. If you can give any pointers where I need to change that would be greatly appreciated.

Attached My Carrier boards block diagram

Please refer to OEM DG, there is USB Connection Example for your reference in which the SYS_RESET* is to enable power supply of vbus. That’s what nano can support.