Jetson Nano Carrier Board design without UPHY (U27) - for USB3.0

I am working with the Jetson Nano schematics for my project. I have designed a custom carrier board with Ethernet Port, Debug USB, USB2.0, USB3.0…

The Ethernet is working as expected.
For the Debug USB and USB2.0 I used this example schematic and it worked fine…

But for USB3.0 I am facing an issue to get it operational… I have used the reference schematic from Product design guide… (UPHY from the Carrier board sch is not used as I require only 1 USB3.0)…

I have studied the form for similar topics and found that I might require customization with Pinmux configuration (DT File) but have no concrete direction. Please suggest steps to solve this issue / point me to a appropriate solution.

For programming device tree, please refer to adaptation guide:

Hi @DaneLLL, Thank you for the quick reference link.

I am trying to understand these concepts… Can you please guide me through?

I have located the .txt files in the source. But not sure where to make the changes to use the USB1_D_N, USB1_D_P, USBSS_RX_N, USBSS_RX_P, USBSS_TX_N, USBSS_TX_P from the SoM as USB3.0 without the requirement of U27.

Looks like the USB3 type-A port is same pair USB3-0/USB2-1 as Jetson Nano developer kit. Probably the issue is in VBUS pin. Do you have same design to use pin #239 to control VBUS?

VBUS is powered from the main power source (5V). The #239 is open in my schematics.

The VBUS pin is defined in device tree. Please remove it and try again. Generally it is better to have a VBUS detection pin to trigger enumeration. Not sure if it works properly with a always-on VBUS pin.

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