Jetson Nano Carrier board and USB

Hi all,

we started into a development of a camera solution using Jetson Nano. We plan to develop our own carrier board and to use Nano Production Module.

I use the B01 schematics as starting point for the board design but I have to replace the RTS5411 USB Hub because it is not available on the market.

To make things more easy, I would like to use a simple USB2 chip (TI TUSB2036), connecting USB1 AP_P and AP_N and leave the “USBSS” pins of the module unconnected.

Also, I will not use I2C for configuration.

Will this work? Will changes to DTB or USB driver be required?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Please refer to the adaptation guide in the developer guide. There is tutorial for how to modify dtb for usb.