USB connections without the HUB

Hi All, I have a case where a custom carrier board is being designed without RTS5411S chip.

will the attached image configuration be fine from hardware connection point of view for connecting to USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices ?


Are you design a board for TX2 or Nano? There is USB connection example in OEM DG which contains design without HUB, please refer to that.


Which section/Page number are you referring to that shows design without the hub?

Did you check the DG? The figure 5-1 show the design.

About OEM DG figure 5-1, Can you provide a link?
A similar issue is under review.
The OEM DG 5-1 is nowhere to be seen.


It is updated to figure 6-1 in

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very good ^^
Thank you very much