Jetson ORIN USB Unable to detect HUB


We have created our own carrier board , and it do works with Jetson Nano SOM.
No, As Orin Nano SOM is near pin compatible, I want to use it on our carrier board.
We are able to get all other peripherals working , I am unable to detect this Hub and the device connected to hub in ORIN.

Any help is appreciable.

Hi, please refer to the Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Nano, & Jetson TX2 NX Interface Comparison & Migration Application Note for the migration between nano and Orin nano. And also, you should refer to Orin nano Design Guide and the schematic checklist sheet attached in the guide to check your carrier board design.

I have read that and I can see that all these pins of USB are fine.
Here is the schematics:
This image below is showing the USB pin Outs on my board and it is similar to the carrier board of ORIN.

This image below shows my USB HUB chip 2.0 , to which I have few devices connected.
If you see carefully we have just connected 2 pins from Jetson to the HUB( USB2_AP_N,USB2_AP_P).
My thought process : USB 2.0 pins it is connected to USB HUB it should work out of box like that of Jetson Nano as these pins are same in Orin Nano and Jetson Nano.
Do let me know where I am going wrong.

NOTE: The reset pins is pull high so that the chip is not in reset.

Any suggestions @Trumany ?

please refer to the adaptation guide and update the device tree.

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