Jetson Orin NX Can work with out USB HUB

I am designing the circuit diagram referring to 31P of the Product Design Guide.
(Figure 7-2. USB 3.2 Type A Host Only Connection Example)

And, I want to use USBSS0_TX/RX_DP/DN and USB1_DP/DN for USB-TypeC(host only).
In this case , Can Jetson detect USB2.0/,3.0 with Jetpack 5.1 without changing the device tree or anything else?

So, I want to use Jetpac without modification.
My concern is that the AGX Orin carrier board is equipped with a USB HUB, so if the Orin NX does not have a USB HUB, the USB2/3 may not be detected.

It’s not Jetson, I’m worried that there are rare problems such as not booting by deleting the USB-Hub without taking care of the device tree.

Hi ,
Can someone answer me?
We don’t have any software engineers for our project, so we want to proceed without any software changes.

I would suggest you still find some software engineer for your project… it does not matter to usb.

Even some other peripherals would hit issue. Also, we cannot guarantee anything by just such comment here.

Thank you for your advice.
I think so too…

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