About Orin NX USB3.2

  1. Problem Description:
    The Orin NX module has three USB 3.2 interfaces, but currently only USB 3.2 (Port #0) can be recognized with the same hardware configuration, and the other two ports cannot be recognized. The pin configurations for USB 3.2 (Port #1) and USB 3.2 (Port #2) are provided below. Please help to determine if additional configuration(like dtb modification or pinmux) is needed.
  2. Pin Connections:

    Figure 1: On the left are the pin configurations for the test baseboard, while on the right are the pin configurations provided in the official manual.

    Figure 2: Type C interface section (same as Port #0).

Is there anyone who designs carrier boards for similar situations?


Are you trying to communicate a USB pin of your Orin NX module to a HD3SS3220? (I’m trying to understand the problem).


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Please check the adaptation guide from Orin AGX developer guide first. How to configure the usb port are all listed there.