Jetson Nano USB2-1 not working on custom carrier

I have designed a custom carrier board for the Jetson Nano production module and am in the process of following the platform adaptation and bring-up guide, but I have encountered an issue with USB2-1. This port is connected to the Realtek USB HUB via USB 3.0 on the developer modules, but I have removed the hub and want to access the port directly in host mode from a USB A connector using USB 2.0. The port is no longer working when I connect a keyboard or mouse on a newly flashed module, however the port is enabled and working properly before the kernel boots (I can type using this port when kernel boot fails). Is there something I need to do in the device tree configuration to disable the realtek USB hub? I have updated the pinmux and dts files, but is there something else I need to configure to access this port directly? Thanks in advance !

Please refer to the jetson nano adaptation guide for usb configuration in DT.