USB enabled

I’m trying to prepare a bsp for my own jetson nano carrier card, but I get an error in the usb section. my design is the same as the Jetson nano B01 version.
Which sections do I need to change for usb in public_source.targz files?

So you also connect a 4-port hub to roothub, same as developer kit of Jetson Nano? If it is the case, the default device tree should be good. Do you hit issue in USB2 enumeration or USB3?

I use a USB 2.0 HUB and an Intel Wifi / Bluetooth module. My connections are correct, but when I plug a device into the USB port, a plug and play is detected in the WIFI module I plug into the M2 connector. DMESG logs with usb 3-1: device not accepting address 3, error -71? But I do not provide a connection to usb 3-1. As you said I have a problem with usb naming/enumeration.

It looks like you plugin in the Wifi/Bluetooth module to M2 E slot? We don’t support hotplugon the slot. You would need to plug it first and the power device on. We have verified a similar case with Intel 8265 card.