Reset usb power

We have 3 usb cameras connected to Jetson Nano (not all streaming together).
most of the time they work ok but sometimes (not clear what causes it) they either output a corrupted static frame (usually vertical black lines over a gray background or a blurry red circle over a white background).

till now only performing a power reset to the board gets them out of this state consistently. A software reboot (sudo reboot) does not help.
what helped in some cases was doing a “usb power reset” as explained here . but it doesn’t always help.

is there a grammatically way to reset usb power which is equivalent to plugging USB device out and plugging it back in?

I don’t know of a built-in method. However, there is a post in an Ubuntu forum which might offer what you want (don’t know for sure, but it is easy to test):

Incidentally, you should monitor “dmesg --follow”, and when this occurs, find out if any log was produced.

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