Usb suddenly stopped working in jetson nano

Hi I am running an application in my jetson nano and taking pictures of objects using two cameras. The camera is connected to a usb hub that extends from the jetson nano’s usb port, because there are not enough ports, but sometimes the whole usb stops responding, I check dmesg and it will show as

BTW, I’m using the v4l2 to call the USB camera, the USB hub still has voltage output (I tested with a USB fan), but the keyboard and mouse don’t work anymore until I reboot the system.

Does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix this?


more info from dmesg log

Please check if you use latest Jetpack 4.6.3. And is it back to normal if you reboot the system?

Yes, it back to normal after reboot, here it’s my jetpack version info:

Should i try to update the jetpack first ?

It would be great if you can upgrade to latest 4.6.3 and give it a try. See if the happens on latest release.

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