USB mouse and keyboard is not working with usb webcam

I was using jetson nano with usb mouse and keyboard.
and i tried to use USB webcam too,
However, after I plugged the webcam to the jetson nano usb port,
suddenly, usb mouse and keyboard stop working.
and after I unplugged the usb webcam,
They worked well again.

I’m using
‘Logitech mk240 wireless keyboard and mouse combo’ for mouse and keyboard

How can I solve this problem??

I solved it by using another webcam (logitech c920)
However I still have no idiea about the reason why it doesn’t work
with some of specific webcam

On Jetson Nano developer kit, it is embedded hub with one pair of USB3/USB2 rootport. So one possible reason is the spcecific webcam occupies most bandwidth and affects other USB devices. Do you see any error message in plugging the webcam? Or it can be successfully enumerated.

Hi, Thank you for reply,
I can’t see any error when I plug the webcam

If you monitor “dmesg --follow”, then what do you see as you plug in the cam? Prior to plugging in the cam, what do you see from “lsusb” and “lsusb -t”? Once you plug in the web cam, what is the new “lsusb” and “lsusb -t”?

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