USB Keyboard and Mouse detected but not responding

I have the Jetson Nano 4GB. I have run into a problem with the keyboard and mouse not working, although running lsusb on the terminal, I can see both present. I checked the modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file, where the “blacklist usbmouse” and “blacklist usbkbd” was present, which i removed and rebooted but to no avail.
The keyboard and mouse works just fine on other devices. Also, I have used a USB webcam on the Jetson which works perfectly. Its just the mouse and keyboard dont work. The lights on the keyboard arent even lit, but its detected as mentioned earlier.
I have worked with the same keyboard and mouse on the jetson before and it used to work, but it has suddenly stopped working now and I cant figure out how to get it working again.

There is a second driver used when you log in to the GUI. This is a dynamic plug-in style driver (the NVIDIA GPU driver does the same thing; there is also an XInput driver). If this is only a problem in the GUI, then the key bindings to switch from the X GUI login to the text-only console should still work. You should be able to hit this combination and have it go to the text-only console:

If it works, then you have text mode login, and it shows that the X driver is at fault. You could, from there, go back to the X GUI. Usually it would be ALT+F1 (the actual set of terminals is usually from F1 through F6, with the GUI one at F1; in X one prefixes with CTRL+ALT, but in text mode one prefixes with ALT). If console mode works it could help in any kind of rescue, plus it is a huge clue where the problem is.

Incidentally, you could post the X log file. Find it (possibly via ssh or serial console) with:
ls -ltr /var/log/Xorg.*.log | tail -n 1
(usually it is Xorg.0.log)

Post a copy of this log if you can.

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I tried some troubleshooting the entire day and after installing the xserver-xorg-input-all package, everything started working. I dont know how or when it was removed from the Jetson since i was using it headless most of the times, but once a month I would use the keyboard & mouse.

Thanks a lot for the reply though!

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