Jetson Nano 4GB All USB ports stopped working

I have been using this Jetson Nano dev kit for about a year now, And a few days ago all the USB ports stopped working, USB ports don’t output any power, I plugged multiple USB devices (mouse, keyboards, etc) and can’t connect any of them.
I google this issue and found multiple threads in this forum, I think I’m having this exact same issue.

In my case, Jetson Nano board boots up and opens the desktop GUI (now I’m stuck on the license page because I have re-write the image) but can’t use a mouse or keyboard.
The Ethernet port is working and I can ping but can’t connect via ssh.
Now I’m using 5v barrel jack (Meanwell rd-125a power supply) but earlier I have used a 2A charger brick

Since I don’t have SSH access I can’t run the script given in this comment

Can someone please help to fix this USB issue ?


There is a script you can find in this post:

That script can be used on the host PC prior to a flash to add the account name before flashing, such that the account will be there after flash without having to complete those extra account setup steps. This might be a temporary workaround in order to get to the system via ssh.

This could indeed be a hardware issue, but most likely you’d still want a serial console boot log to verify. Sorry, I don’t know any other way around finding out the actual root cause.

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