Jetson nano usb ports not working

Hello, I have a jetson nano. I am able to boot up the system. During boot, I can see that usb devices are active (their lights turn on momentarily). But once the system boots up, the usb devices stop working. I checked that the firmware for usb devices is missing. Trying to find the firmware results in this output. Is there a way to fix this issue?

ls /lib/firmware/tegra21x_xusb_firmware
ls: cannot access ‘/lib/firmware/tegra21x_xusb_firmware’: No such file or directory


It feels not only the usb firmware is gone. Maybe you didn’t prepare the file system correctly.

How did you install your jetson nano?

It came installed with some hardware I bought (Mycobot 280 with jetson nano). Everything worked fine earlier though. I was able to use the usb ports. But then it stopped working randomly. I am not sure if it is something I did.


So you don’t know how to reflash the jetson?

That would be my last option. The hardware came with a lot of packages installed from the vendor which aren’t necessarily available readily. If it is just the usb firmware that got deleted, would it possible to add the firmware files in the correct directory?


Actually the usb firmware is loaded from initrd but not the rootfs. Not some path missing as you said. (the usb fw shall be there but if it got removed, it shall not affect usb function either)

My previous point was it sounds like your filesystem was not completed in the beginning. So I would recommend a full reflash to make sure not only usb firmware is back but also other drivers shall be present too.

Is this an SD card model, or an eMMC model? Either way you could clone before flashing, but this would be more for saving your own work, and not for saving system files. On the other hand, it might also allow you to later examine what is wrong by comparing old and new. Being that it is a third party device (meaning the carrier board) I assume it probably uses their flash software or a patch to the NVIDIA flash software. Also, without a serial console boot log there isn’t much chance of finding something to specifically fix it. Plus, if you have serial console, there are some things you could do that just a boot log couldn’t do.

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