USB ports stopped working

I’ve been having some crashes lately so I was running jetsonhacks backup utility. It crashed midway through. I then couldn’t get it to read the attached usb drive as well as the usb soundcard. Wondered if there is a reset for the USB?

nvidia-l4t-core 32.4.4-20201016124427

It sounds like a signal quality or power delivery issue on USB. Can you still use the USB drive and sound card on another computer? If not using an externally powered HUB, can you try again with a powered HUB (unless of course all of the USB was already externally powered)?

I changed the power profile to 5W and now it’s working again. I guess I’ll just leave it alone for now. Dmesg showed a bandwidth issue.

Sounds like a power delivery issue. If USB devices use the same power as before, but cutting total power use down, then it seems perhaps the power source is unable to deliver enough power (or else is not delivering with sufficient regulation). In the case of powering via a USB connector there are some severe limitations just from USB standards (the barrel jack tends to be more capable…if not using that, then consider trying the barrel jack…or externally powered USB components).

I am using the barrel jack. However, the drive I was using was a non-powered device so I’m guessing you are right.

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