TWITCH LIVESTREAM: Omniverse Community Spotlight (Pekka Varis / Machinima) [Wednesday, September 29 at 7:00 AM PDT]

Hi awesome Omniverse community!! I am SO psyched for our next livestream on Wednesday Sept. 29! We are doing it at 7AM Pacific (about 13 hours from now) so I am hoping to see some people from time zones that haven’t been able to attend other livestreams. For those in USA, set your ⏰ and grab some ☕ !

This will be a really fun one, as @WendyGram and I will be interviewing an outstanding and energetic community member and videographer, Pekka Varis (@pekka.varis), who is an amazing musician and dad, but also using Omniverse Machinima to bring his creative visions to life and creating awesome commercials for companies!!! Please come and say hi and bring some questions! In addition to getting great insight on Omniverse and work, you may even get to see Pekka on the 🥁!

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