Two i2s mics on one i2s channel on Jetson Nano

Hello everybody!
I have found several topics with connecting ONE SPH0645 mic to J41, but never seen how to connect TWO mics to J41.
So I suppose following:

3v.0 pin1
GND.0 pin39
BCLK.0 pin12
DOUT.0 pin38
LRCL.0 pin35
SEL.0 pin1

3v.1 pin1
GND.1 pin39
BCLK.1 pin12
DOUT.1 pin38
LRCL.1 pin35
SEL.1 pin39

DOUT.0 and DOUT.1 are connected together,
SEL.0 - 3.v - first half of i2s frame,
SEL.1 - GND - second half of i2s frame,

is it right?

For nano, it is a standard I2S0 port, so it depends on the usage capability of two MICs. It needs vendor to confirm whether they can be connected as this.

It will be Adafruit SPH0645 mics.

Vendor says :
“You can select whether you want it to be on the Left or Right channel by connecting the Select pin to power or ground. If you have two microphones, you can set them up to be stereo by sharing the Clock, WS and Data lines but having one with Select to ground, and one with Select to high voltage.”

So vendor says “yes” as far I understand.

So no problem for I2S of nano.

Thank you!