TX1 camera driver source code

Does TX1 camera use driver built in kernel, or there is custom driver for it? E.g., how is the camera controlled through I2C interface?

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a link to the kernel source: http://developer.download.nvidia.com/embedded/L4T/r23_Release_v1.0/source/kernel_src.tbz2
Look into the kernels/drivers/media/i2c/soc_camera directory…

OK, I see the driver “ov5693_v4l2.c” has
“Copyright © 2013-2015, NVIDIA CORPORATION.”

Does the driver use EEPROM on TX1 camera board? Where is source for EEPROM on TX1 camera board?

E.g., if we want to use ov5650, how should the EEPROM be programmed?

Currently the EEPROM on the OV5693 module is not used, but potentially reserved for future use to store identifier information about different camera modules for swapping sensor boards. Currently if you were to do a custom camera module (for example with OV5650), you could ignore it in the design or remove it.