TX1 Fails to Boot

Received my TX1 Developer Kit several days ago and today it fails to boot often. Attached are the serial console logs, two for failed boots and one for a successful boot. All I could notice was the MMC Bad CRC message. Anything I can do to further test this or is it a bad board?

tx1-boot-fail-1.txt (77.9 KB)
tx1-boot-fail-2.txt (78.5 KB)
tx1-boot-success.txt (78.9 KB)

Is this R28.1? You can verify with “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”. If you can’t boot, then this would still be in the last flash’s “rootfs/etc/nv_tegra_release”.

If the Jetson has never been flashed the version will be R27.0.1…this was very unreliable. R27.1 was very good, but R28.1 brings it into modern times. If this is the case I’d advise just flashing to R28.1 and expect the system to be much better behaved.

CRC is normal and not an issue. Looking at the fail logs it seems to be up and trying to configure WiFi when the log halts. The success log simply gets past WiFi. Perhaps it is just timing out in some cases, but locking and waiting in other cases.

It’s R28.1 freshly flashed via JetPack.

Have you tried to configure or use WiFi? I ask because this is always where it stops. When it does seem to fail, have you waiting for a long period of time to see if it times out and continues? In the serial console what happens if you press “control-c”?

WiFi was recently configured (and performance is horrible) when it started to not boot. The longest I’ve waited is about a minute. Nothing happens in the serial console when I press control-c.

I’m not sure what to say here since I avoid WiFi. Network setup in general has options for making a connection mandatory or optional, I’m wondering if it is just some setting where WiFi has been told it is mandatory before continuing boot. Does it still let you log in once in a while where you can test disabling WiFi and seeing if it changes boot reliability?

Anyone savvy with WiFi and NetworkManager might be able to give information on correct setup of WiFi if it turns out disabling WiFi helps logging in. I just don’t know enough about configuring WiFi.

I left it alone for 10mins and the prompt came up. Based on the headache I had to get the WiFi connected and now it causes the system to boot slowly and even when it comes up its latency is unacceptable, I’ll contact support for a refund. Thank you for your help.

FYI, it isn’t this particular product with that issue, it’s the whole NetworkManager software setup used in many Linux distributions. It’s just as painful under Fedora or any other Linux distribution using NetworkManager. The good part about this is that any documents you find on WiFi for most any Linux distribution (or especially desktop Ubuntu) also applies to the Jetson. I never did like WiFi setup, NetworkManager just makes it more painful.

I’ve only configured WiFi by editing /etc/network/interfaces in Ubuntu distros, not sure if that is NetworkManager or not. This is the only product I’ve had that after doing so the WiFi latency was horrible and it caused the product to have a 5-10 minute boot time.