Hello, I intend to use TX1 to implement HDMI-CEC function, and could you show me where is the code(about CEC interfaces) ?Thank you!

Hi nklc2009,

I have done a quick check that we have tegra-cec driver in kernel, but seems not enable on L4T. I will help check if there is a plan on L4T.

Thank you!
Does that mean we can not use HDMI-CEC now on TX1? But in this document, Tegra_X1_TRM_DP07225001_v1.2p.pdf, TX1 can support HDMI-CEC.

Hi nklc2009,

Yes, TRM describes that tegra hw supports CEC. However, the sw support, i.e. frameworks, is not implemented at all. We still have no such plan.

Just as the tegra hardware already supports CEC(we have tegra-cec driver in kernel), can I implemente CEC functionality in HAL by myself?

Hi nklc2009,

Yes, you can implement the function. Do you need help to point out where the CEC kernel code is?

Yes,please point out where the CEC kernel code is,thank you!
And are there any related tegra-cec kernel interfaces can be use in HAL?

Hi nklc2009,

Those code are under drivers/misc/tegra-cec

Thank you for your help!
But could these kernel code(tegra-cec) be used for me in HAL now?

Hi nklc2009,

I cannot guarantee that, since L4T only has this part related to CEC.

Tegra has once made some work in HAL, but that is not on L4T and I cannot access to it, either.