Tx1 leopard 3 camera argus still capture slow

Hi! We have a Jetson Tegra TX1, with a Leopard Imaging 3 camera card, with 3 12MP Sony cameras, csi2.

We tried the Argus samples modified oneshot and multisensor.

The problem is that the system is very slow. The oneshot with 3 cameras can make 1-1 frame in 0.5 sec, with capture(), and multisensor can make 14 frames with repeat(). This is 10-100 times slower then the 1400pix/sec that is promised in the docs.

We want to go fot the Leopard 6 camera card, but weed to make the captures at the same time as much as it is possible. The accepted range is, say 0.1 sec.

I saw in the sources that the simultaneous capturing is not supported, but if we can achieve the promised 1400 mp/sec, then the sequential captures would fit to our requirements.

Any idea?

We have tested 3 LI-IMX-274-MIPIs for 8MP @ 30 FPS and 2MP @ 60 FPS using “argus_camera” and LI driver without issue.

Are you using LI-IMX-377-MIPIs? Who provided you with IMX-377 driver?

Hi, yes, we are using imx377. The camera and the driver came from Leopard, it is a temporary one made on the basis of the 274. With the argus_camera app it seems to work, in spite that i cannot check the resolution and the fps, but we need still captures, not streaming video. We unfortunately do not have imx274 to compare with. Maybe there is a driver issue… The 377 and the 274 have serious differences. We also developed driver for the 377, but it is the same. And we have doc only for the 377.

The way I checked FPS of IMX-274s was to run “argus_camera” as default 8MP @ 60 FPS, the display was partial frame with less number of lines @ 60 FPS, I reduced frame rate using “argus_camera” GUI until it reached 32 FPS and I got full frame.

I believe it’s likely driver issue for 377, the driver including ISP is fairly complicated. A lot of tuning would be needed.

IMX-274s have nice format, i.e., UHD for full res, HD for 2x2 bin.

Sony reps are mostly very helpful for providing datasheets.

Sony rep sent the datasheet after 3 weeks… And only for the 377 not for 274. It was very complicated, i dont understand what is the great secret… I made the modification of the 274 driver according to the docs,mand it did not work. leopard sent theit temporary driver, that is a patch of the 274 drver that you are using. It is working, but not exactly according to the docs… :( it supports only 1 mode, with full resolution. We want to use the 6 cameras capturing still frames at the same moment as it is possible, but with Argus it is extremely slow. Now i am thinking to use the nvgstcapture, that seems to be not so complicated…

The ISP issue is interesting. I did not see it in the driver, maybe it has to be configured elsewhere.

Can you try bypassing ISP by:
v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --set-fmt-video=width=1920,height=1080,pixelformat=RG10 --set-ctrl bypass_mode=0 --stream-mmap --stream-count=3 --stream-to=video.raw --verbose

Ok, i try it tomorrow, i have no tegra with me.