TX1 realtime image process check

I want to know the performance.
We want to do real-time image processing use cuda. (Gaussian Blur or Sharpness or Sobel . I will run it according to the algorithm…) ( 1920X1080 60fps )
Is it possible to implement the algorithm using TX1 in real time?
We confirmed the video output through DMA sample code (1920x1080 60fps).
However, output an image using OPENCV, the output will be 10 fps.(1920x1080)
I have verified several sample examples. However, I could not find any sample code.
This feature makes it possible to use the tx1 realtime 1080 60fps… .

Hi jin888547,

Have you checked samples under ~/NVIDIA_CUDA-8.0_Samples/3_Imaging/ after installed via JetPack?

jin888547, Any further question?