Realtime Video Stitching


I have an idea for a 360 realtime video system and I was wondering if the Jetson tx1 would be up to the job with processing? It would be a maximum of 6 x cameras at 1080p res possibly lower res if its going to be a problem.

thanks in advance :)


hello dtg86,

looks like you’re asking about the camera bandwidth capability.
Jetson-TX1 is able to support 6-camera running with 1080p simultaneously.

you could also download the [Tegra X1 (SoC) Technical Reference Manual] from
and check [MIPI-CSI (CAMERA SERIAL INTERFACE)] chapter for more details.

thank you for the prompt response this looks promising - so I take it I could run a video stitching algo and have realtime 360 video?

I saw that the vrwork360 requires a more powerful gpu to do the task so I was hesitant on buying the tx1. using a dedicated machine is not possible for me because it needs to be small and compact for a robotics application.

Hi dtg86,

Maybe you can consider to use TX2, the general spec can be found from: