VRWorks 360 High-Level Video Stitching on Jetson Xavier

I am working on an application that will require stitching of four rig mounted 2MP video feeds to form a panoramic feed in real time. VRWorks 360 is often used for this type of application, but documentation only states that it can be used with GeForce and Quadro cards. Can anyone tell me if VRWorks 360 can be used on Jetson Xavier?

Hi ChristianW,

The VRWorks isn’t supported/available for Jetson TX1/TX2/Xavier.

Based on your request for 360 stitching, you may be interested to build applications with VisionWorks. It includes GPU-accelerated vision primitives like keypoint extraction + matching that you can use to perform the image alignment.


it seems that contact address in the VR360 Guide returns ‘restricted’ and messages are non delivered to it.
May be you have some ideas on how to stitch two Xavier CSI streams with it? [or +1 TX2 CSI]Three Jetson streams with it? [ or + zed stereolabs 2 sensors] Five cameras with it?