VRWorks 360 SDK on Xavier

Is there a version of the object files in the VRWorks 360 SDK that will run on Xavier boards?
I’m particularly interested in stitching camera feeds from multiple cameras.

The VRWorking 360 SDK only for x86 windows currently.

This answer leaves me more confused.
I downloaded the Linux version of the SDK to study.
I also am looking at boards from Leopard Imaging that are designed to merge multiple cameras into a MIPI CSI feed to the Xavier boards.
I would have thought there would be a version of VRWorks 360 that processes the composite camera videos from that board.
Am I missing something obvious ?

OK, It’s my mistake for telling only support Windows system. It also support Linux system.
But I think Xavier should not support it yet. Where did you get the information about Leopard?

I found the Leopard Imaging MIPI CSI boards online.
They are definitely made to combine the inputs of up to 6 cameras with the Xavier class machines.

I means how do you know Leopard use SKD 360?

I don’t know that they use the VRWorks 360 SDK.
I simply think this is an obvious use case for the SDK.
In order for that to work, the SDK needs to be provided with object files for the Xavier processor, not x86.

Thanks for you suggestion, however current the 360 SDK is for the Gforce graphic card.

The SDK documents say: The SDK is designed to run on all NVIDIA MaxwellTM and later generations of GPUs.
The Volta GPU in the Xavier AGX certainly seems to fit this criteria.
Am I missing some key CUDA feature incompatibility?

From the release note it requirement is dGPU.