NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK on Xavier AGX/NX

Hi Guys,

Have any of yous be able to run NVIDIA optical flow SDK on Jetson Xavier? I’m having issues to build the library for aarch64. I’ve downloaded the Video Coded from NVIDIA as well, which is where the problem is happening.

The architecture seems to not be supported. Do you guys have some precompiled version for Jetson Xavier?

The error I have when building is:

Video_Codec_SDK_10.0.26/Lib/linux/stubs/x86_64/libnvcuvid.so: error adding symbols: File in wrong format

The cmake command line:

cmake -DVIDEOCODEC_SDK_ROOT=${HOME}/dev/third_party/Video_Codec_SDK_10.0.26 -DOpenCV_DIR=${HO ME}/dev/third_party/opencv/

System: JetPack 4.4 on Jetson Xavier AGX

Thank you a lot for any clue.


Hi sidneib1,

The Video codec SDK can’t be supported on Jetson platform, some pre-built low layer libraries have dependency.

Thank you @kayccc,

Is that correct to say that we cannot run the NVIDIA Optical Flow on xavier platform? Is there any other way to run that without this dependency? Thanks

BR, Sidnei

Hi sidneib1,

The NVIDIA optical flow SDK is also not supported on Jetson platform.

Why do you want to use NVIDIA optical flow SDK? Any specific feature you need?

There is Video_Codec_SDK_10.0.26/Lib/linux/stubs/aarch64/libnvcuvid.so, are you try this one?

just a tip