Optical Flow Xavier

Is there a way to do hardware accelerated optical flow on the Xavier NX? The optical flow SDK does not work. And it does not seem to be included in VPI (though in another post it was said to be coming, in 0.3 I think but we are now in 0.4)? I don’t want to use Deepstreamer.

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+1, it should be as it was advertised in the release propaganda, and stereo camera hw accelerated and rpi4 cameras were too, none of them are working or working at should be, being a computer vision system is quite disappointing, at least, I bought it in the release months ago and I still cannot use it


Have you tried our VisionWorks SDK?
You can find a sample in the following folder:



Hi, fpsychosis

Could you file another topic for the camera issue?

Thanks! It looks promising. But does it take advantage of the PVA on Xavier NX?

That no answer the question about optical flow and stereo acceleration engine via VPI API and PVA support, my GPU and CPU are busy in other tasks, so I would like can the PVA engine as it was adviced.


No, unfortunately.
Only VPI support PVA backend but it doesn’t have optical flow usage.


It was in the advertising and brochures in the Xavier NX promotion, it is one of the reasons I bought it, can you tell me if it is planned incorporate it or that idea was abandoned silently

Well after your answers and the one of that post I asume optical flow is only accessible from visionworks and stereo/disparity accelerated via VPI.

Did you consider Nvidia optical flow sdk, NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK | NVIDIA Developer

I guess you stated that Optical Flow doesn’t work, on Xavier.