Is there stereo acceleration on NX?

Did lose Jestson Xavier NX this feature from Xavier AGX?
Can be added in the future just like optical flow, that I read will be available in future updates

Sorry, I have no NX yet and I fail to understand what you’re seeing to this conclusion, but I’d be interested in getting more understanding. Are you using VPI interface ?

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I’m refering to the Vision Accelerator (I think is called 7-WAY ) which can use PVA. There is two features that are not yet released Stereo acceleration and optical flow.
I’m interested in both features, but I don’t know if they are part of the VPI you mentioned. I think VPI is framework that can use PVA (only both Xavier)or not (Tx1 and Tx2) , PVA an API and Vision Accelerator a Hardware (accessed via PVA).
Finally I discovered it exists on NX too, so that almost remove my worries and dudes. I guess in a future will be hardware accelerated optical flow and stereo processing (getting disparity I guess).

M yunderstanding is that VPI is a programming API that can use 3 backends: CPU, GPU and PVA if available (i.e. PVA only with Xavier AGX or NX). Even if no PVA is available, a GPU backend may accelerate. PVA is indeed a 7 slots VLIW architecture (link).

I cannot say about the features you’re looking for, I haven’t benchmarked anything yet. It is only version 0.2 for now, so various backends may improve in future versions.

your explanation have sense for me and probably is totally right. the thing is that I understood that stereo acceleration and optical flow only works with PVA and not GPU, and that point make me thing it is not part of of VPI, even if it is used to program it, this two features were advertised as two independent features without mention VPI, was because that I though PVA is an API that control that two features. Thanks!

As you can see in the picture they mention them as a standalone feature, I read too that at least optical flow has its own SDK ( but no idea about Stereo,. It looks it is a hardware component, I guess included in the 7 way accelerator.
Maybe somebody from nvidia could send a little of more light here, mainly if the hardware is available in jetson NX, but I think so.

I found that stereo disparity accelerator is included on VPI and can use VPA and CUDA as backend, so in the case of stereo looks it confirm your explanation. Optical flow looks different and is not into VPI.
It looks they are already available as they are in the documentation.
I can’t test it.