Optical flow on Xavier NX

I’m a bit confused over optical flow and xavier nx (I’ve searched for few hours but still confused over what I can do and can’t).

I have a xavier NX and want to run optical flow on it. By reading VPI docs I understood that optical flow not supported in NX, but maybe I misunderstood and it is supported but not on OFA?

There is also a special optical flow SDK, but after reading this question I think it is not relevant in my case.

So my question is: can I run optical flow on xavier NX? and if so, how can I do it and what hardware does it run on?



Based on the latest VPI document, there is a dense optical flow feature that uses NVENC hardware.
Could you check if this meets your requirement?



Hi. Thanks for your reply.

  1. Where does it say that it can be run on NVENC?
  2. The docs are for VPI 2.0, while I have jetpack 4.6.1 that comes with VPI 1.2 (Tried to upgrade to VPI 2 using “sudo apt-get install libnvvpi2” in my Xavier but I got “E: Unable to locate package libnvvpi2”). Where can I find the docs for VPI 1.2?


Hope this helps:

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Sorry, you can find the VPI 1.2 document below:

In the ‘Limitations and Constraints’ section, you can find the support of NVENC on Xavier NX.


Only supported on Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier series.


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