VPI 1.1 dense optical flow sample failed on Jetson Nano

When try to run the VPI 1.1 sense optical flow sample https://docs.nvidia.com/vpi/algo_optflow_dense.html, encountered the following error:
VPI_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED: NVENC hardware with dense optical flow support not preset

Dose that mean the Jetson nano GPU dose not support hardware accelerated optical flow calculation?

What GPUs support NVENC hardware with dense optical flow ? Is it true only the Turing and Ampera GPUs support hardware optical flow?

Only Xavier devices including NX support the hardware-accelerated optical flow with NVENC via VPI. Dedicated GPUs starting with Turing also support it using the Optical Flow SDK.

Thank you for your information.
Does the entry level GPU RTX 2060 support hardware-accelerated optical flow?

Yes, all Turing cards except GTX 1650 support hardware-accelerated optical flow similar to the Jetson Xavier with a downsampled resolution by a factor of 4. Ampere cards support higher resolutions and granularity: NVOFA Application Note :: NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK Documentation

Thanks a lot. I will try it with Xavier NX.

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